is a classified website where the people of Romania can post their advertisement completely free of charge. The good thing about the website is that it is easy to navigate. One can always search through it by county and find the specific item he is looking for based on search criteria. Users might be surprised to find out that the item they were looking for was already for sale by the neighbor. There are even scenarios where students discover that their classmate was selling something they were looking for.
Romanian classified site the reference for classified ad in Romania receives thousands of visits everyday from Romanians. It is the reference site for the country when it comes to classified ads. There is not an item that cannot be found there. One can buy houses, guitars, cars, fridges and many other house furnitures. For those who a looking for a place to rent in Romania, is still the best bet to find the right landlord.

Once a person has listed an ad on the site, it doesn’t take long for him to be contacted by an interested buyer. Both can then agree on a place where they can meet for the transaction to take place. If you happen to be in Romania, make sure to check out

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