is the most popular microblogging website in the US. It is also a popular social site where students browse to find out the latest trends. The platform enables users to tweet, that is send short messages of 140 characters on their stream. Registered users are allowed to post as many tweets as they want while the unregistered ones can only read the tweets.
The SMS of the net the way to stay connected

There are many ways to get connected to Aside from checking it online through the browser, user can also access it via SMS and mobile app. It was in 2006 that Twitter came to be. It is a creation of Jack Dorsey. It quickly grew to 500 million users by 2012 with 340 million active users posting on daily basis. Other users rely on it to find out the latest trends. For that the website has to handle over 1.6 billion search queries each day.

Today is recognized as one of the 10 most visited websites. One of its nicknames is “SMS of the net”. The company is now generating a good stream of income through advertising. Some have said that Twitter has reached the point where it qualifies to file for an Initial Public Offering. That is yet to happen, the company seems to focus on getting its foundation right first.

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