is a website that gives users a decent platform to upload, view, and share their videos. Founded in 2004, has grown quite rapidly with over 65 million unique visitors per month. As of February 2013, the site was the third largest video sharing network, just slightly behind YouTube and Facebook. Here, registered users can upload their own videos to share via the Vimeo service.

A great Alternative: The Artist’s Speak Out

The service has also played a major role for artists who want to share their high quality production videos. Some of the most popular stars, for example, Rihanna and Brittany Spears, exclusively use to post their newest music videos. This is good news for anyone who lives in a country where YouTube is banned.

In addition to a free registration for regular users, there are also two options for obtaining a paid subscription to the site if you are a professional. The different paid subscriptions provide the right amount of resources to meet your needs.

A Reasonably Priced Premium Option

For only $59.99 a year, you can have a Vimeo Plus subscription. This subscription gives you 5 GB of storage space weekly. There will also be no banner ads attached to your videos if you have a paid subscription, as well as unlimited HD video uploads, and unlimited channels, groups, or albums. In addition, you will have access to advanced statistics, domain level privacy, file source storage, and discounts on other products from Vimeo.

A Vimeo Pro subscription includes everything that the Plus subscription offers. The cost is only $199.99 a year. The Pro subscription allows you to also have unlimited bandwidth privileges, mobile device compatibility, and a customizable video player with your company’s logo on it. Not to mention you will have 50 GB of storage instead of just 5 GB you get with the Plus subscription.

You will also see that Vimeo is only a fraction of the price of other video uploading site that is used for businesses. If you own a business and have videos to share with your consumers, the Vimeo Pro service is the only option for you. With, you can reach your target audience easier than ever.

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