is the Chinese search and microblog giant, formerly known as It is arguably the worlds largest blog given China’s current population.

The history of

We all know that external governments and groups are using online social media such as blogs to cause riots and destabilization in some countries. China is no exception and falls victim to the same tendency – hence the Chinese government removed many blogs from their web and a closely linked group released In essence, it has all the traffic and web activity that would have gone to Twitter and Pinterest if those were allowed in China, thus is a significant site within the PRC. This is owned by the SINA corporation which one would imagine is now a major rival of Google and US companies. Alibaba the trade giant had acquired a stake within SINA corporation, positioning itself appropriately for future growth.

Market share for

As much as 60% of the relevant market share belongs to Weibo – this is due to government policies as discussed above.
Things we like about Weibo:
1. It is a social media giant with a vision;
2. It is alligned closely with the Chinese government;
3. It is considered the Twitter of Asia
4. It is poised for growth.
The future of Weibo is enormous – and there are plenty of western politicians and trend setting organizations who are active on now.

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