is a web-hosting website that offers web services to many sites in U.S. It publishes texts from users under copyright licenses. Based in San Francisco, California in the USA, the website was founded and launched in 2004 as wikicities by Jimmy Wales. the chairperson emeritus and Angela Beesley an advisory board member of Wikimedia foundation and CEO being Craig Palmer.

Wikicities switched names to in 2006 because it was believed  that the former name limited the website by making it appear like a city-guide website rather than an all topic website. Before the name change, Bessemer Venture partners injected $4million and later, invested $10 million. Within the same time, Jeff Blackburn a senior VP with Business Development joined the company board. spent $5.74 in marketing by November 2006, obtaining 40-50 million views. It later acquired ArmchairGM, a sports forum for $2 million. It has also merged separately founded wikis like uncyclopedia to its sub-domains.

The website has embedded a modified version of media wiki onto Ubuntu and Linux.

Charges and revenue is free for readers and editors and gets its income through advertising

How big is

It has grown explosively overtime. By February 2005, the website hit 100 wikis. Furthermore, it grew to 3000 by July 2007. Substantial growth was experienced by 2010 when it hit a remarkable 100000 mark in 50 languages.

Topics covers a broad range of topics provided it is not malicious, pornographic or infringing on copyrights. Wikis should not plagiarize Wikimedia projects. Wikis in the website majorly take the style of Wikipedia except that it provides more details necessary. Furthermore, wikis may deal with topics that are not within information scope, for example, video games and related details. also provides ‘answers from wikia’, a platform where users generates topic specialized answers based on the websites own wiki answer subdomain.

Wikis’ point of view

The website allows wikis to have an opinion although majority of the writers prefer to take a neutral perspective. can therefor e be considered to be an ideal web hosting website.

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