is a global tutorial whose main mission is to offer a learning opportunity to online users. Through this website or movement, can receive information through several other websites like; Wikipedia, which is an online free encyclopedia, wiktionary which is an online open content dictionary, wikiquote, which is a free a free website quote website, wikibooks, wikisource, wikinews, wikiversity, wikispecies and others. Through this movement, users are guaranteed to receive information on almost anything which includes books, quotes and others.


The main aim of this movement is to provide the world with free information in every single area, which gives everyone equal access of information. Therefore, through this website users can engage in to various projects, chapters and the support structure of this nonprofit journal. Wikimedia foundation gives you the privilege of accessing information in regards to any topic that one wishes to cover. Indeed there is no website like this.

What is the future like for the website?

Indeed the future is looking very promising for the website. This is because there are a lot of features offered by the website and services as well. The thing that makes the website great is that it offers free knowledge to various people around the world. This information is free to everybody. Today, a lot of people are looking for different information online, and through this website movement, they are guaranteed to get it. This information has proven to be helpful, too many people especially to students. If the website continues like this, there is no doubt that in future, the website will even become more popular as well.

What features does the website has to offer

There are many features offered by this website. These features are what make the website very popular to many people. Some of these features include:-

  • There is information for everything
  • The website has been optimized very well
  • It has the best loading time
  • The website has a very simple page layout which makes everything easier when it comes to navigating through the website

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