is one of the oldest search engines online. For years, this website was very popular. For over, the company is Japanese company that has also better services to its users. Through this website, users have the ability to search anything online in Japanese language. This means that, everything on the website has been written and optimized for only Japanese people. This helps them in breaking the language communication barrier, where most website companies in the world use English written content which offers communication barrier to some country. Therefore, this means that now users in japan have the ability to use the website in searching for any particular information in their own mother tong.


To many in japan, this is a feature that they were looking and waiting for. Also, this service has shown a certain increase in internet usage in that country.

What features does has to offer?

Well, there are many features that can be offered by this website. However, we are not going to mention all of them but only a few of them. These features are:-

  • Great and simple website design: the website offers very simple website design that anyone can easily understand and navigate.
  • It is very simple to access different website categories: through this website, it offers a very simpler way of accessing different categories on this website. These different categories may include games, cars, iCloud, and any other information there.
  • Everything is written in Japanese language: this website has made everything very easy for Japanese people. This is because everything can be accessed through their language making it very easy for them.
  • They offer email services: the website offers mailing services to its users
  • You can search for videos, images and even articles using the website
  • There are ads that are related to Japanese company future expectation

People expect a lot from this website in some years to come; especially now where everything is heading towards technology. Through this website features, there is no doubt that the future looks very good for the website.

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