Yaooh.com’s main objective is to connect the world to the net. It is the platform that integrates everything that exist online. The website might have become popular for its email service but that aside it offers news contents, sports, games, weather and even a classified section for jobs and automobiles. yaooh.com is so flexible that is can be personalized according to a person’s taste. For example, if you are a student very much interested in sports, you can customized yaooh.com in a way that it gives priority to that type of content. This means that every time you open the yaooh.com’s page, you will be served with sport related information while others will receive different type of content.


Personalized online experience

Yaooh.com: the gateway to the net

Yaooh.com is more like the destination that connects you to everything that is going on online. The website is accessible across many different devices. This create value for advertisers which can now present their products to users according to their taste.

The platform was created in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang, both at the time Stanford PhD candidates. They dream of creating a platform that would allow them to keep track of things that mattered to them through the net. Today, yaooh.com has grown into a company where users do not only find things that are of interest to them but can also be surprised with things they didn’t expect. This is how consumers remain plugged onto the website and continue to visit it over the years.

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