is a U.S website that connects people with great and lucrative businesses.

History of

Its historical background can be traced to San Francisco in the year 2004 in the month of July. has since grown to be a very productive website for businesspersons and the site currently has attracted a multitude of viewers with approximately forty billion visitors across the globe.

What services can you enjoy on

Yelp as a website has helped in the growth of many businesses ranging from online retailing to services provision. For instance, with yelp, viewers can get top restaurants, nightlife, and service provision centers.

Gone are the days when you were compelled to ask your close pal to pick for you a hotel for a vacation.

Particular example is from Dr. James who has personal experience on how the website helped him get a good number of patients and has made him a great doctor.

Yelp has helped expand many businesses and has so far spread across the world from San Francisco to Chicago, to Portland, New York, to Europe, Asia, Africa and so on. Why You Must Visit The Site

This website has very many advantages to both viewers and businesspersons since:

1. It is simple to use since it does not need complex access to the users.

2. It is not prone to boredom since it has many attractive features that can entertain.

3. It has powerful network that does not experience delay.

4. It is a free website that does not require you to sign in.

5.It also gives other social sites where clients and contractors can engage more. for business prosperity

Yelp .com has helped yahoo expand their network as well as creating more business opportunities

Yelp for Android is  used by mobile  phone companies to market the android product and has thus attracted many customers to prefer buying android cellphones.

Yelp can also be accessed very easily through a number of the common social media sites such as:

1.            Facebook

2.            Twitter

3.            You tube

Bottom line: offers free advertising opportunities for businesses to perfom viral marketing and boost sales overnight.

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