is a website where student can go and share their videos. It was originally created by 3 guys who used to work for PayPal in 2005. A year later, Google acquired the site for US$1.65 billion and ever since it has become the most popular video sharing site online. It is a platform that allows users to upload, share and view other people’s video.
Broadcast Yourself where most web enthusiasts upload their videos

There is a wide variety of user generated video uploaded on That includes short movie clips, TV ads, music videos and a lot of amateur content. It is the platform that most video bloggers love. It is the site where short, original and educational videos end up.

Today the type of content populating is not only coming from average users but even big media corporations like BBC, CBS, Vevo and Hulu host their videos there. There is a partnership program that gives the chance to those who generate good content and get a substantial amount of traffic to also earn some money out of their work.

Unregistered users are free to watch the videos on the website but only those with an account can upload content. The videos shared on are in most cases sanitized. That said those with a registered account may be able to watch certain videos rated 18.

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