Youku.com is the name of a social networking website. We have a number of social networking websites, but youku.com has been designed a bit differently. The users of this website undoubtedly get more freedom than any other website. By creating a profile, one can easily share images, status, day-to-day activities thus enhancing communication.

There are four sectors in this website namely image sharing, discussion board, profile and blog.  Users may create different profiles on these different sections to specify their activities.

The beauty of Youku.com

The most attractive feature of youku.com is that it allows one to get in touch with people with similar interests and norms.  Nevertheless, the homepage shows a series of featured profiles, communities, galleries and search tags that are the most common.

At the bottom of the homepage, the users will find varieties of communities like entertainment, networking and computing, politics, culture, sports, leisure, pregnancy, parenting, childhood, literature and many more. So the users can place their queries on those topics and get necessary information.


Do you have an account?

Creating a profile is easy, username, password and of course a valid personal Email address are the basic requirements. This registration section also allows the users to choose the particular communities he or she is interested in.

The Best Gains

Youku.com also gives emphasis on the people who are visually impaired. In this case, it displays information in bold and large fonts. The people who use Speech Recognition Software, can access users’ message boards, profiles and administration centers.

Youku.com has more than enough to offer to users. Once can post  ads or remove at his discretion. The website takes great care of user’s best interests.

Youku.com is a complete website that helps in communication, sharing, information gathering and business purposes. Like most of the websites, it does not blindly concentrate on the business aspect by but majors on customer’s satisfaction. When it comes to homepage usage, the choice is yours.

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