Free Sociology training courses online

Modern Social Theory: The Foundations This course offered freely by Yale University is presented by Ivan Szelenyi in a set of videos. The course gives an overview of the major works of social thought.

Sociology: An Introduction Here Prof. Harvey Molotsh presents a video on the course lecture that was recorded as he shared his views with his students. The course provides a sample of problems and methods used by sociologists with concrete examples from everyday life, history and contemporary events.

Western Social Theory: The History The course is offered freely by the Cambridge University to online students. Here Alan MacFarlane presents video recordings of his previous lecture sessions with his students.

The Modern World Invention  Alan MacFarlane a lecture at Cambridge University shares his views with his students in the video recordings that are available for free for online students.

The Sociology of Race Relations The course is freely offered to any interested student online and presented in downloadable files by Ginpaolo Baiocchi of UMASS Amherst.

Innovation, Markets and Industrial Change This free course by the Open University enlightens the students on how and why change occurs through the industry life cycle.

Reading Visual Images This free course by the Open University is an introduction to the analysis and interpreting photographs as social data.

Living and Working in the New Economy This course examines the switch from manufacturing to services and outlooks at the impact of information and communication technologies on the economy as a whole. The course is freely offered to students online by the Open University.

The Social in Social Science The Open University offers this free course online to any interested students. The course provides students with a basic overview of how social science contains deeply embedded cultural assumptions.