California Institute of Technology, the best univeristy in the world

The California Institute of Technology or in short Calitech is a renowned education institution that specializes in science and research. It is the place where enthusiastic students learn to turn big ideas into big discoveries. The establishment was founded on the basis that one should learn through discovery. The dream is to help scientists and engineers pursue solutions and help the world face its greatest challenges.

When it comes to discoveries, there are no boundaries at the California Institute of Technology. The institution is such that research and education are seamlessly integrated. Engineers and other scientist are encouraged to explore different challenging problem that humanity is facing and try to find a solution to those either through lab experimentation or field work.

If you are looking for an undergraduate program, Calitech offers core courses in Match, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and even Social Sciences. Aside that the students also have the choice to tailor their educational experiences based on the academic programs offered.

What makes Calitech stand out is its focus on science, education and engineering, but above all the establishment does its best to offer each students all the means and flexibility they need to pursue their greatest idea. The training that a student goes through in this establishment is intended to build a strong character, develop analytical skills and cultivate the knowledge that is required in order to execute a big idea. Each student has the option to choose between 26 different disciplines or can even go for interdisciplinary courses.

Calitech education is not just about classroom work. The students get the chance to explore things on their own in the lab or in the field. The college offers different programs that enables the students to try their hands on practical things. For example the school offers every year a Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship where students can design and complete research projects. In the past years, it is through the Fellowship program that some students were able to design prototype systems that would show warning signs of a tsunami.

The institution also offers exchange programs that allows the students to travel into countries like France, England, Australia, Denmark and Scotland. The idea is to give the students international exposure and enable them to participate in foreign programs and gain experience out of it.

Most universities today are crowded and the ratio of student with respect to the number of lecturers available is relatively high. That is not the case with Calitech and this is one of the key reason why students want to attend that university. The ratio of students to faculty is quite low and that allows a higher level of interaction among the students.

The advantages that a student gets from schooling at Calitech is huge. Its proven strategy to attract the best scientists in the world has enabled it to be recognized as one of the best research institute in the world. Calitech is willing to sponsor the best researchers and help them solve complex scientific problems that can help the society. This is the school were a future scientist would definitely want to get his degree from.

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