Princeton University: a vibrant community willing to learn and serve the nation

The community at Princeton University stands for the service of all nations. It is the 4th oldest college in the United States, chartered in 1746. The institution is a coeducational, non denominational and independent establishment that enables undergraduates and graduates to have access to teachings in relation to humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and engineering.

Princeton wants to maintain its status of world renowned university by achieving the highest levels of distinction and transmit knowledge that will serve the development of the nation. But what makes it distinct from other universities is its commitment to undergraduate studies.

Currently the university has more than 1,100 faculty members assisting, supporting and educating 5000 undergraduate students and 2500 graduates. Any talented students that want to study at Princeton will be given a chance to get admitted, thanks to the generous financial aid program which ensures that, no matter the economic background of a students, he should still be given a chance to get admitted.

Princeton University is a world-class research institution offering an extraordinary amount of teaching resources from which undergraduates can benefit from. The university faculties have an unparalleled reputation when it comes to dedication to their students through the studies done in the classroom and independent study advising.

There are general undergraduate educational requirement but aside that the student is free to choose among the different elective courses available and add an interdisciplinary certificate program by pursuing department concentrations. Independent work is also required of undergraduate as a hallmark in the college. There are 2 main categories of degrees one can get from the university. Either a Bachelor of Arts (A.B) or a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E).

For those who may want to continue their graduate studies, there are a lot of options available for them.

Studying at Princeton is made easy because it offers to its students one of the world most distinguished research libraries. Students can do their research in 10 special libraries spread across 11 different buildings. In the library’s collection, one can count as much as 7 million books and that is without including the microforms, linear feet of manuscripts and other archives that are available.

Of course the students can also have access to the extensive electronic resources the library can offer. It includes digital maps, databases and journals.

Life on campus
The quickest way to become part of the university is by getting involved with the vibrant life on campus. Princeton students are offered a vast range of athletic, educational and cultural activities they can take part in.

The idea is to create an environment that encourages the student to discover and exploit his talents and at the same time interact with all members of a pluralistic community.

One characteristic that makes this university distinct is its integrated residential community. Almost all the students live on campus and undergraduates are guaranteed to find a dormitory. Princeton’s educational program is centered around the residential experience and there are residential colleges that make sure students take full advantage of the opportunities available to enrich themselves. If you live in New Jersey, this is the university you will want to go to.

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