Carnegie Mellon University: International research and education institution

Carnegie Mellon University is a research university known around the world. It trains more than 12,000 students every year with the help of 5,000 faculty and staff members. After 113 years of existence, the university is proud to have produced more than 92,000 alumni. It is the birthplace of innovation. With the experience it has acquired over the years, CMU is now a global leader supporting groundbreaking ideas by pushing them into the market and turning them into successful startup business.

Vision and Mission
Carnegie Mellon envisions to build a tradition of innovation and problem solving skills that will meet the changing needs of the society. The university has taken upon itself the mission of creating and disseminating knowledge and art and that is going to happen by teaching and sharing knowledge with the students. The knowledge acquired is then intended to be transferred into an intellectual and artistic product that will enhance society in a way that is meaningful and sustainable.

Carnegie Mellon University wants to serve students by teaching them how to solve problems, how to be a team leader and the values that makes a responsible person. The institution intends to achieve that by taking advantage of the relatively small size of the university community and making sure that ideas are shared within that community so that creativity, discovery and personal development can flourish.

Ranking and Award
Carnegie Mellon has been consistently ranked among the top university for years. In 2010, the university was ranked 1st in Computer Science by the Wall Street Journal. According to the same journal the institutions was 4th in Finance, 7th in Economics and overall was ranked 10th.

In the United States, the university was ranked 10th among “Best Engineering Colleges By Salary Potential”. When it comes to graduate studies in engineering it is ranked 6th.

The way Carnegie Mellon is trying to shape the world is by disseminating knowledge. The campus atmosphere has been cautiously designed to encourage students to research and seize opportunities whenever they can. Research is not only offered to Graduates students. Even undergraduates are given the chance to work with renowned professors leading their fields. The student faculty ratio is 10:1.

Most faculty members have a PhD or something equivalent (96%). These are the faculty members that train the students and it is not a surprise that the university can boast to have produced many Nobel Prize Winners, inventors, tech company founders and even Oscar Winning producers.

There are no other research institutes like the Carnegie Mellon University. Leading experts in a range of different disciplines see Carnegie Mellon as their home. From biotechnology to computing and arts, the faculty and staff members, work with the CMU students to shape the future by researching for solutions to complex problems.

With the 90 centers and institutes it has to offer, researchers at CMU enjoy a certain freedom that allows them to look across different fields when searching for answers.

If you want to find yourself among the best, Carnegie Mellon University is the place to go.

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