National University of Singapore: leading institution in Asia

National University of Singapore started over a century ago as a simple medical school. At the time it had only 23 students. The institution was put in place to provide higher education to brilliant men and women in Singapore so that they could also help the community in which they live in. From a fledgling college, NUS has now grown into an establishment seen by many as one of the best in the world. The institution wants to transform their students through a type of education that will impact the society as a whole by researching for innovative ways to solve problems.

Vision and mission
NUS wants to be and remain the leading global university in Asia to influence the future. The institution is designed to have a deep understanding and insight when it comes to issues related to Asia. The idea is to create a bold and dynamic community opened to the world with a spirit of enterprise willing to impact the world through research and service.

The mission is to transform the way people think and act by giving them the required knowledge to change the world.

NUS invests in high impact research to break the limitations of current knowledge and improve the lives of people on the earth. Students attending this establishment are given the chance to perform cutting-edge research in a range of disciplines that interrelate. The university has an Office of the Deputy President, Research & Technology whose responsibility is to facilitate research which will enable the institution to hold its place as one of the leading research centers in the world. The office oversees 23 research institutes and centers, sets research policies and makes sure funds are allocated to each of them.

The aim of the ODPRT is to support researchers with all the resources it can provide.

Financial aid
NUS is committed to making sure that any deserving students gets admitted into the establishment irrespective of whether they can afford it or not. Eligible students are encouraged to apply for financial aid which is given in a form of a “financial aid package”.

The package is specifically designed to fit each student’s case taking into account the tuition fees and cost of living during the study. It may include loans, bursary and work-study assistance depending on how much financial assistance the student needs. That is measured based on how much the family of that student earns and other mitigating factors.

If the student is willing, he can take part in the different part-time work opportunities available to generate some income and support himself.

Entrepreneurial Skill
NUS is not just about training researchers. The university also educates in the field of entrepreneurship. That is why it created the NUS Enterprise (ETP) which serves an entrepreneurial and innovative purpose to the university’s core research activities. The aim is to make a positive impact on Singapore’s economy by nurturing future entrepreneurial leaders and creating partnerships with different companies around.

The vision of ETP is made possible through 3 trusts: Entrepreneurship Support, Industry Engagement & Partnerships and Experiential Education.

The National University of Singapore is a key player in the development of Asia.

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