Top 10 Universities in the world

The top 10 Universities in the world

Generally speaking when top Universities around the world is discussed, it is measured in terms of a top 400 list, which many feel is more realistic. We have sought to compile a top 10 list based on community intelligence around the word.

This section does not offer free online courses, but is a student service that helps people choose the best university for their needs. Note that some of the Top 10 world Universities listed below does offer free online courses, which you may access via the main portal of

The top 10 Universities worldwide are:

1 Harvard University United States
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
3 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
4 Stanford University United States
5 University of California, Berkeley United States
6 University of Oxford United Kingdom
7 Princeton University United States
8 University of Tokyo Japan
9 University of California, Los Angeles United States
10 Yale University United States


In determining the Top10 world Universites there are several challenging factors, for example whilst some of the best medical Doctors in the world are in places like Argentina and South Africa or some of the best ship engineers are in China – or even the best innovators and MBA qualified senior staff are in India, yet none of these countries are listed on the top 10 Universities of the word , henceforth it is important to note that this is justly regarded by some as purely a western based marketing scheme for western institutions, however we feel that perhaps the rankings may have been derrived by means of globally spread volumes of participation, afterall many people return to their own country feeling very proud of their degrees obtained in the USA, UK and Australia – regardless of whether perhaps a local graduate may perform better in the workplace.  We therefore would note that the “top10” University rankings does not reflect the opinion of

The factors currently responsible for determining the Top10 University rankings are:

1. Perceived reputation both nationally and internationally;

2. Graduate Achievement in real life cases;

3. Research contributions by the University over several decades;

4. Public opinion polls

5. Physical facilities and the location of the University

6. Student resources and support

7. Career prospects related to achievement

8. Engagement of alumni post the tudy period.


There are several personal factors to consider when choosing a University. It does not necessarily mean that a University which is not listed on the Top10 world list is not the best university for you. Location, prices, employment prospects, career flexibility and several other factors come into play when selecting a University.

It should be noted that Universities in general play a non political role, there are exceptions sometimes such as the LSE who has withdrawn Dr. Saif Gaddafi’s award which many perceive to have been a pure political move.

In banking for example we are currently seeing great rivalry between New York and London which is shimmering through in the media and legislative branches of each country – what is ever prominent these days is rivalry of educational institutions which certainly includes the Universities of each.

We feel that perhaps a better benchmark in determining the top 10 Universities would be to interview graduates from 150 different countries who participated in the Universities in question as opposed patriotic views of those in the media judging universities in their own countries and promoting such data.

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