University of British Columbia: one of Canada’s leading research facilities

Established in 1908, the University of British Columbia is one of the leading research universities in Canada and has been ranked consistently among the top 40 universities worldwide. About 54,000 student from 140 different countries, including Canada attend the 2 major campuses that the university has to offer.

Since its inception, UBC has now grown into a university that influences the world. That is due to the abundance of remarkable students it attracts all over the world, the high-quality researchers and teachers it employs and the dedicated staff working on campus. The University of British Columbia holds an excellent reputation that is recognized internationally in advanced areas of research and learning. It is the place where undergraduates, graduates and professionals can develop themselves intellectually.

In the past few years, UBC has gone through significant changes. Today the university is able to enroll up to 50,000 students compared to 31,000 it was taking in 1995-96. There is enough space for the students considering there are 2 main campuses, one situated in Vancouver and the other one in Kelowna

The institution plays an important role when it comes to the social, cultural and the economic development of Canada. UBC’s economic contributions to the province and Canada is estimated to be around $10 billion in local income with over 39,700 jobs created.

Public attractions include Museums like the Pacific Museum of the Earth and the Museum of Anthropology which happens to be Canada’s largest teaching museum. The university is also the place where you can see one of the world’s largest sub-atomic particle accelerator. The entertainment doesn’t stop there, the campus offers full complement of theatre, a contemporary art gallery, three superb concert halls and botanical gardens.

Vision of the university
Being one of the world’s universities, UBC envisions to create a learning environment that is exceptional and fosters a global approach to research to allow the society to sustain itself for the long term. For that reason the university supports its students in the research of solution that can benefit Canada and the rest of the world.

UBC started ranking among the top 40 best in the world for quite some time but lately it has moved up to the 25th position according to 2012 Times Higher Education Reputation Rankings. There are many indicators used to evaluate the rank of a university and this clearly shows that the policies that UBC has implemented over the years has improved the image its portrays to the world.

UBC has the second largest library in Canada with 5.8 million books and journals. The library is also rich in microforms (5.3 million), maps (833,000) and over 46,700 subscription. The library has many branches, exactly 21 and it has divisions in other locations like in the teaching hospitals. Plans are on the way to establish more libraries.

Notable people
UBC has produced many alumni students that have won awards and that includes 7 Nobel Prizes and 67 Rhodes Scholarships. The university has produced 2 Canadian Prime minister and that includes the first female Prime Minister Kim Campbell.

The University of British Columbia is indeed one of the best to attend and most of the students it has produced have ended up in important position with respect to the fields they studied.

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