The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The university of North Carolina’s long-standing place among the best in higher education is attested by the vibrant people who studied there and the programs it offers. UNC was chartered in 1789 and started welcoming students in 1795. From that point on, it has grown to become the nation’s first public university. The establishment has earned reputation over time and it is now recognized as one of the best universities in the world. Located in the beautiful college town of Chapel Hill, Carolina prides itself of a diverse and strong student body which are offered academic opportunities not found anywhere else. The value offered in the public university is unmatched by any other in the nation.

The university has for mission to serve North Carolina, the United States and by extension the world as a whole and that is by offering knowledge, research and public service. The institution is committed to excellence and intends to remain one of the world’s great universities where research is encouraged.

Carolina wants to serve as a center for research, creativity and scholarship that will share knowledge with a diverse community of undergraduate, graduate and professionals and turn them into the next generation of leaders.

UNC combines the efforts of its exceptional faculty and staff with the generous support of the citizens of the state to invest in resources that make learning more accessible for the rising generation. The knowledge based services offered by the establishment are extended to the citizens of North Carolina to enable them to also enhance their quality of life.

Students willing to attend UNC can choose between the 77 bachelor’s degree available and those willing to pursue into masters have an option between 107. There is also 69 doctorate programs and 6 other professional degrees. The degree programs are all distributed among 14 schools and the College of Arts and Sciences. Adult learners can have access to the William and Ida Friday Center if they want to continue their education through credit or noncredit courses.

Students at Carolina can choose to be offered classes online even if they find themselves to live abroad. Students are free to take classes they’ve always dreamed of. There are research opportunities available and students who are interested in trying everything are free to do so.

The academic experience in Carolina is designed to prepare students to make a difference in the world.

UNC is pulling all its resource to make sure it becomes the leading public research university in the United States. Carolina is found at the highest level of extensive research based on the Carnegie Foundation’s classification of colleges and universities. To be put in that category implies that the institution is awarding at least 50 doctoral degrees each year for at least 15 different disciplines. Each year the establishment awards 400 Ph.D.

The establishment’s research funding for fiscal year 2012 was $767,141,341 rising it to the 9th position among other private and public research universities.

UNC is definitely one of the best schools to attend for students who want to go into research.

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