University of Toronto: a public research university

The university of Toronto was established in 1827 and has since remained the strongest research facility in North America. Over the years the institution has presented top students with a study environment that allows for intellectual growth. The facilities offered by UToronto are unmatched with respect to the other campuses in Canada. The U of T has enough space to take in 82,000 students spread across 3 campuses. Since it establishment the school has produced 500 000 Alumni who are now found in every region of the world. This is why the university of Toronto’s influence is felt all over the world.

One commitment made by UToronto is to become an international player when it comes to research, offering undergraduates, graduates and professionals an environment where they can further improve their knowledge.

The institution continues to build on its past achievement and as a result gradually improves on its teaching and research qualities. It is a large university and it intends to continue taking advantage of its size to encourage interaction between the numerous students and that should bring about a multidisciplinary approach to research.

The establishment is committed to providing students with the best environment that facilitates research. It also makes sure to maintain a capacity to selectively bring in new fields of research as they emerge. All its programs have been assessed by peer review nationally and internationally. Depending on the research objective, U of T is willing to collaborate with other universities for the achievement of a greater goal. Most importantly, all students at UToronto are provided with research services and libraries of the highest international standards.

The libraries in the University of Toronto form the 4th largest academic library system found in North America. Those libraries are rich in the number of bound volumes found there (10 million), the number of microfilms they offer (5.4 million) and the serial titles available (70,000). Aside that students also have access to numerous maps, films, audio recording and graphics.

There are 3 campuses offered where students, faculty and staff members work and live. The campuses showcase some of the most prestigious architectural designs with beautiful green spaces allowing students to enjoy over 1,000 extracurricular activities. This is the kind of environment that fosters a memorable learning experience and encourages work.

The university is found in an environment that is known to be vibrant and Toronto has been ranked as the most diverse city in North America.

Since 1919 the students have been offered the Hart House which is used as an activity center where the social, cultural and recreational life in the university flourishes.

Each residence and dining halls are owned and operated by the different colleges spread around campus. Some halls are strictly for undergraduate and others are for graduate students. There are also other halls that are for ladies only. Unfortunately the residences can only take about 6,400 students so the university’s policy is to guarantee housing only for first year undergraduates. Upper-year students live off campus.

If you happen to find yourself in Canada this is one of the university you should consider if you want to further your studies.

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