Methods for Downloading Temple Run for PC or Computer

Excellent news for all the loyal fans of Temple Run game. Probably, so far you had played this spectacular game only on your mobile. However, now there is a version of this game available for PC or Computer. The best thing is that you can take it for free. All Android users and game fans know that Temple Run was entirely created by Rayleigh-Based Imangi Studio and it’s releasing was for iTunes. Well, since its popularity had grown at such a level, the developers of the game thought that it would be great if they would make a version for PC, too.
Temple Run has an out of common plot. In this game, you will have to run as hard as you can in order to save your life. The game will put obstacles in your path, and if you do not cross over them you will not be able to finish the game. Good luck!
If you want to have this game on your computer you will have to follow some methods, or better said some steps. They are all presented for you in the following lines.
For those who want Temple Run on their Windows 7 or on their Mac, must follow the next steps.
Step 1: You must install first your PC Backup, and once you finished this you must give a restart to your browser
Step 2: You will have to download Bluestacks/IntelAppUp
Step 3: You will have to choose between those two applications downloaded and install one of them
Step 4: On one of those apps you will have to open Twitter
Step 5: You will have to sign up and to agree with their terms and conditions
Step 6: You must open the browser and to give three clicks on the screen
Step 7: You will now be able to download Temple Run on your Windows 7
Step 8: Install the game and start enjoying it.
The next lines will explain you how to get the full version of Temple Run for your PC. This method is a bit difficult, and you must follow all the steps in order to successfully play Temple Run on your computer.
The first step: You must download Android Emulator for Temple Run free download. For the beginning, you will have to follow some sub- steps:
1. Download one of these two apps: Bluestacks or IntelAppUp
2. If you want Temple Run for your PC you must pick Windows 7 Installer
3. You must download the software
4. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen
5. After installing, restart your PC, if required
The second step: You must download Temple Run on PC
1. You must open the Android Emulator
2. On top of the right corner you have an icon with “SPY GLASS”. Click on it.
3. You will see now the available links for downloading Temple Run on PC
4. Choose and click on the game you want
The third step: How to install Temple Run on your PC
1. On search results will appear an icon. Click on it.
2. It will start Temple Run setup. Wait for it
3. It will start the installation of the game on your computer
4. You can also download a file named APK for installing Temple Run on your PC
5. You can install the game manually by clicking on it
6. You will have to start enjoying the game.
When you will download Temple Run for PC you will have to choose from several links. Make sure that the link chosen by you is the right one. It must be accordingly with the Windows version you have on your PC. This way you will be sure that your game will run smoothly without visible issues. After you assured of this thing and you finished to install the game on yuor PC you can start having fun by playing it.
As Temple Run game is so exciting, its popularity is an increasing one. Playing this game can bring you a lot of fun. As you saw, to download it and to install it is not difficult at all. If you follow precisely the steps mentioned above you will not have any issues. You will be capable to play Temple Run on your PC as soon as possible without a problem. Now, enjoy the game as much as you can.


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2 Responses

  1. Izabella says:

    Temple run is a really fun game. I’m going to show you how you can download Temple Run on Windows PCS like XP, Vista, 7, 8. It is not a difficult task but is actually very easy to do. It is one of the more popular and played games thrughout the world. If you have an Android device and you want to play this game then follow the steps here. First download a Bluestack Stacks App Player that runs Android games on your PC. After downloading, install the tool. Open Blue Stack and in the search box, type “Temple Run”. Click the game and begin downloading. Wait for the full download. It is automatically starts the installation of the game. I hope that you’ve followed all the steps with great care, but if that didn’t work there is another method: after downloading Bluestacks, then simply download the file Temple RUN.APK. By default you cannot run APK files on the windows operating system. But Bluestacks had already been installed and so you can run that file. After you download the APK file, simply click and enjoy playing the game!

  2. Mobo says:

    OK not so quickly: I’d like to know firstly, can this game be played offline? Then, is it multiplayer on all operating systems?
    This is a key consideration before just downloading it.

    What version of Temple Run are we talking here? 4.0 or 5.0
    Or does this relate to all of the latest releases ?

    Thanks keep us updated