When does a Phlebotomy Certificate expire?

The Expiry of a Phlebotomy Certificate

The question of when, phlebotomy a certificate expires depends on what organization originally had certified it, as each organization tends to have different interpretation of rules. Normally renewal of phlebotomy certificate must be done every year. There are different requirements for phlebotomists in each state for how long their certificate last before they are supposed to renew it. Certification of phlebotomists is done by few different organizations however the most important thing is certificate must be renewed at least every two years.

Sometimes there is the need for phlebotomists to take training courses in between the time of the acquisition of their original certificate and that of the renewal. The reason, being that those certified phlebotomists who never practiced after receiving their certificate don’t lose their skills or capabilities necessary for the profession.

Individual needs to be skillful in order to take blood from someone, and more practice makes a person become more experienced. Generally venipuncture and dermal puncture are considered invasive procedures, so proper sanitary care must be taken to avoid blood contamination and the spread of disease. Diseases such as HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis are caused by blood borne pathogens. It is highly important for those medical professionals who come in contact with blood to take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves and other patients from infectious diseases.

Phlebotomy certification is necessary and shouldn’t be taken for granted. In fact it is a gateway to professional phlebotomy.  It is a permission given to phlebotomists to practice their profession by an authorized organization in two year duration before they are required to renew it.


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