Employee opinion on Mac Donalds

Student jobs ad Mac Donalds can be fun – and besides, most students need the income during their studies. These may be international students, home students or anyone really who are studying full or part time in need of an income.

When asking yourself the question: What is it like working at Mac Donalds? Then there would be several things to consider.

1. Company culture

What do I have to dress like, how do I need to behave at work, is it very formal, semi formal or indeed informal? How does the company pay and treat it’s staff? These are all questions relating to the culture of Mac Donalds.

2. Staff training

How well do they prepare me to work there? As a company that is present in more than 30 countries around the world, Mc Donalds is bound to have an amazingly standardised procedure.

3. Job application procedures

Visit this section to get the job application for Mac donalds.

4. Working hours

You need to know if there will be enough time to study. This is an important consideration to take as it would be pointless to have a job but not the time to pass your degree course at University.

Now here are some videos about Mac Donalds:

In this Video, CNN explores the training school at Mac Donalds where you learn how to make hamburgers, sell them and make sure customers are happy:

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