Review: Get the Latest iPhone 5S

The latest  iPhone has just  been recently released by Apple Inc.  In this article il let you know everything you need to know about the latest flagship device from apple.

iPhone 5S: Operating System

iPhone 5S uses the latest mobile operating system known as iOS 7. This new OS uses a brand new interface that changes the whole look of the iphones

iOS 7 provides an awesome AirDrop feature for transferring files locally. It does not use much bandwidth for audio calls. iOS 7 has incredible control panel for easier and swift access to various controls. With Sri, you can quickly play the movie trailers and you can also turn the Bluetooth-On in no time.

iOS 7 supports iTunes Radio with amazing results. It also has incredible photo apps with revamped camera. There are built-in features for videos like digital zoom, Square photo-crop feature like in Instagram and more enhanced photo filters.

This OS provides photo app which lists all the pics by location and year in its timeline. With iOS 7, the GarageBand/iMovie and iWork apps are available free.


iPhone 5S: Its Processor

iPhone 5S has a new and advanced motion processor known as M7. The M7 processor provides better power management which protects the battery from draining. The M7 co-processor very easily collects all the motion sensing data like compass, gyroscope and accelerometer from iPhone 5S without getting much help from the A7 processor.  Due to this fast processor, the new iOS 7 maps quickly detects your movements, whether you are walking or driving. The processor uses a 64bit architecture for exucution of apps

iPhone 5S: Gaming and Graphics

iPhone 5S has awesome built-in graphics. For gaming this version of iPhone rocks. In iPhone 5S due to presence of 64-bit processor all the games load in a very quick time compared to all the previous versions of iPhones and boosts performance by great detail

A graphics test was conducted on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C using 3DMark’s Ice Storm Unlimited. The graphics test for iPhone 5S was conducted at 101 and 61 frames/second while iPhone 5C was conducted at 27.1 and 19.7 frames/second. For the 3DMark’s Ice Storm Unlimited gaming test, iPhone 5S scored 13,858 whereas iPhone 5C scored 5,691.

According to Apple the graphics environment of iPhone 5S is twice better and faster than iPhone 5 and 5C but I think it is much better than what Apple claims. In fact no other recent Android phone, not even Samsung Galaxy S4 has the graphics environment like iPhone 5S. As far as gaming is concerned iPhone 5S is way ahead of its competitors thanks to it’s new set of gpu and cpu achitecture


iPhone 5S: Connectivity

iPhone 5S has Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi which is dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n. Local file transfer is possible through its AirDrop technology.

iPhone 5S: Calling

With iPhone 5S you will experience same kind of call quality like iPhone 5 but the audio quality is much better over its Wi-Fi. So the FaceTime calling is better than the normal phone calls.


iPhone 5S: Display

iPhone 5S has a four inch display having 326 ppi and 1136×640 pixel. Its display responds very well to a touch and it is bright as well as colorful but still the same the iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S: Battery

Battery of iPhone 5S lasted eleven hours for a test done on music video playback through iOS Music app while the battery of iPhone 5C lasted ten hours and sixteen minutes which means that the battery of iPhone 5S has a longer battery life possibly due to new power saving features of the new iOS 7

iPhone 5S: Speakers

The speakers work really very well. The sound which emits from the phone is loud and clear to enjoy movies and songs in great clarity.

What I didn’t like in iPhone 5S?

There are no worth while apps for the M7 motion tracking chip. Similarly, the 64 bit A7-processor also does not have mind blowing apps. At the moment only with Apple apps the finger printing sensor can work. Its screen looks small and its design looks similar to iPhone 5.

What did I like in iPhone 5S?

iPhone 5S uses the latest mobile technology like motion-tracking chip. It has awesome finger printing technology and it also uses the latest CPU. It has control center which is similar to Android and it provides AirDrop file transfer facility. This version of iPhone provides free iWork app suite and it also has better camera then its previous versions.

So what’s my verdict for iPhone 5S?

I believe in speed with the latest mobile technology, so for me iPhone 5S provides exactly such a technology. It is the quintessential phone to lay your hands on. It is “the” best product launched by Apple because it is not just advanced but it is also very fast. So my verdict is “Go for it” You will absolutely love especially if coming from older models like th 4s

Let me know what you feel about this article. If you have iPhone 5S then tell me your experience.

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2 Responses

  1. Ronald watford says:

    Reading this made me want rush out to the store and buy myself one, I’ve never read such an informative piece of review covers everything for me really and I’m definitely getting one soon enough as it seems to be a great phone especially its features are really nice and impressive together with the design of the phone. I’d really recommend it to someone still debating or who is yet to buy. This review is great and very informative and yet still easy to read and understand I’ll probably share it with friends too.

  2. admin says:

    Next we will be comparing this model to the 5C
    Most users are trying to decide which model is the best pick..