Samsung galaxy young full review

Over the years from the first time when smartphones were introduced into the market, Samsung has done quite well compared to other smartphone designing and creating companies. This company from Korea was originally known for manufacturing home products like TVs, refrigerators, microwave and many other home appliances.

However, when they decided to venture into the communication devices like smartphones, iPads and even computers, we have seen a big change in the market. Moreover, we can say that Samsung as a company has a certain target and they are surely going to achieve only if they continue surprising people with new great gadgets as they are doing it.

Samsung galaxy young topic overview

Samsung now understands that there is much they could gain by developing cheap smartphones in the market. Due to this fact, Samsung has now released new arrivals that are cheap and basic just to mention Samsung galaxy young smartphone. Many people associate cheap with poor quality. However, this is no longer an issue when it comes to this latest smartphone.

Similarly, when looking at this phone in several ways, you could note that some of its features are low which contributes to the low purchase price of it. Indeed, as the name suggests, Samsung galaxy young has such a special design that people who would desire to download a few apps, operating through its operating system, play games, go online and many other general smartphone things.

However, the question is; what are the features that this smartphone has to offer? Well, this is the question pricking the mind of many people. Below, are the summary of the features offered by Samsung galaxy young.

Samsung galaxy young specification

01. The screen and display

This smartphone is the lowest you can think of when you look at the modern screen sizes. Samsung galaxy young has a screen size of 3.27 inch which uses the HVGA resolution. The screen resolution is 320 X 240 ppi. The screen type is LCD.

Looking at the display of this device, it is not wrong to say that the phone is worth for a small smartphone like this. The best thing about this smartphone is that it offers multi-touch capabilities.

02. Design, colors and weight

The phone has a great design which is common with most of Samsung smartphones. The phone size is 104.0 mm X 58.0 mm X 11.5 mm in height, width and depth respectively. It only weighs 97.5 g. The size and weight make it a great and comfortable smartphone to hold. The Samsung galaxy young is found in two colours only, that is black and grey.

03. The processor, RAM and operating system

The best thing about this smartphone is that is running using android operating system 4.1.2 (jelly bean). Now, this is a great thing that Samsung has done. However, in this case the smartphone cannot perform as like how Galaxy S4 does since it does not have certain features like S-voice. Moreover, the processor capacity is low making is sum how low in features.

This smartphone has a 1 GHz processor. The RAM is bigger compared to the Samsung galaxy flame which is supposed to make this smartphone more powerful but it has not. But all-in-all, this smartphone is doing better for the price.

04. Connectivity

The best thing about this smartphone is that it offers you a lot of connectivity options. The phone offers Wi-Fi, USB, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, and GPS connections. In general, this is a 3G cellular generation smartphone. The cellular networks that are supported include: GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, WCDMA 900 and WCDMA 2100.

05. The camera

Samsung Galaxy Young has only one camera. That is the rear camera which offers 2MP camera capacity. Actually, the truth is that the camera is not bad but Samsung could have done better.  It does not have a front camera. The phone has not LED flashlight which only means one thing, low light level pictures when you take one. It also includes all the videos you take.

06. The battery

What is the greatest thing about this smartphone? The device certainly has long lasting battery despite the various applications it runs. The battery capacity is not big but the phone has the ability to stay for long and it does not consume a lot of energy. The phone is a 1300mAh capacity battery that has the ability to keep you connected for 17 hrs.

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3 Responses

  1. Ronald watford says:

    I found the phone really amazing considering it is a budget friendly phone running on a popular operating system that is android I can have access to many apps and games hence a great android experience for a budget friendly phone. This article helped me greatly in choosing this phone as I was really divided on which phone to buy. I don’t regret buying it considering it’s a Samsung smartphone thus many sweet updates for the operating system. The flashlight really comes in handy at night when I’m afraid of the dark lol. Id really refer this phone to anyone considering to buy a good phone

  2. Jane says:

    I agree with you that GalaxyS3 and S4 rocks, and if we were to see a comparison of all the major brands that we’ll still be better than with an iPad or the cheap Tesco mobile which has been released in the UK.

  3. ChrisTY says:

    Would I use this phone instead of a Blackberry? Probably yes!
    But would I pick it over my Galaxy S3 ? Never!
    The fact that Apple won in court over Samsung, does not mean that we’ll buy their products – it only shows you that Galaxy is onto something and that the “innovators” at apple is low on ideas, hence attempting to “cap” Samsung – that is unless I missed some key data and tips as to why Apple chose to go to court?