The home of all Apple’s innovation is As the manufacturers and producers of the worlds leading smartphone devices, the iPad and iPod mainly, they have launched this site to help customers improve their experience.

A brief history of

The corporate profile changed a lot over time – with the founding CEO , Steve Jobs, who at one stage even left the company on a path to self discovery. When he later re-joined, it went from strength to strength.
Things to know about
1. Some devices are sold near cost price – as the company calculates that it can sell more music to it’s users instead.
2. It has some of the longest battery life
3. The notepad’s do not overheat like it’s PC competitors due to superior design
4. Those working in multi media prefer Apple over any other brand, due to it’s design tools.
Challenges on the road to success:
The Apple iPad and iPod was did not remain in the market without it’s challenges. Recently in 2012 a huge lawsuit VS. Samsung Galaxy was won, as a result received compensation. Shortly after this, Apple significantly reduced it’s retail price as well as released a device which is activated by finger print touch. Apple is clearly giving all it can to try and stay ahead of it’s game – and only time will tell weather Huwei and Samsung will beat Apple at it’s game. There could be trouble on the horizon for Apple though as many westerners are also turning to Samsung – it would appear that Samsung’s Galaxy resurfaced much stronger after the court case and are selling a device users love.

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