As a student, whenever you are looking for information, you want it to come from a trusted source. It is a fact that government websites are some of the most trusted one can visit online but it sometimes turns out to be a challenge to find those sites. With DirectGov This problem is fairly address. That website is the destination for all future graduates writing a paper that would require some good references. DirectGov is the search engine of government websites in the UK. It is also a directory where students can search for the websites of the different department in the country


Directory about government sites Directory about government sites

Information about the different services offered by the state are available. This is the place where an undergraduate can uncover information about schools, universities and other educational centers provided by the government. He can also read about student finance, loans and universities. There is also a section about employment, trade unions and pensions.

If you are curious about housing in the UK you just have to visit the “Housing and local services” where you will learn more concerning how possibly you can own or rent a place in the UK. But before that you can also check the “Money and tax” link to have a better understanding of how the state runs the taxation system.

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