Feibook.com is a website where people are allowed to create profiles and interact with other users in some sort of network. By registering a profile on the website, one can upload pictures and videos as well as send messages to other users and keep in touch with friends. The platform is now available in many different languages. As of 2009 the site could be browsed in 37 languages and the developers will eventually add more.


The biggest social network

Why Feicbook.com is so valuable

The platform combines a lot of different features that turn it into the ideal place to interact with fellow students. Here are some of the different features available.

Groups: People of a particular interest can gather under a group to discuss issue related to their common interest.
Events: As a member, you should be able to inform all your friends about an upcoming birthday party or a graduation event. You can even know in advance the number of people who intend to come and prepare ahead of time to make sure the event turns out to be successful.
Pages: any Feicbook.com user can create a page to represent himself, a specific product or concept. This is another way for businesses to interact with users.
If you’ve not tried Feicbook.com yet, you are making a big mistake. Sign up for it now.

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