is a website based on question and answer problem solving or idea building place for programmers for free. is also a part of the Stack Exchange network

The question and answer technique gives everyone an opportunity to answer any question, hence, the best answer is voted up and rises up to the top as most preferred solution. Here one creates an individual user account for purposes of tracking progress to questions or answer given.

Some of the interesting features of

1.   allows questions to be asked and only direct answers are accepted thus no discussions which may cause distractions.

2.            Users can get answers to actual problems or detailed questions; here opinion based-answer that may lead to discussions rather than answers is discouraged.

3.   has a special Tags feature e.g. “Functions” that enable relation of a question to other related topics that makes it easy to find other interesting questions. Clicking on a tag will display a list of questions with that tag or visit other topics that interest you.

4.            Users can earn reputation based on the number of questions answered by people voting on their posts hence your reputation score goes up. As users earn their reputation, new privileges are unlock such as the ability to vote, use comment to ask for more information or clarify a question or answer.

5.            It main goal is to get the solutions to every problem hence a user can edit their posts or do blog commenting, which is a feature enabled when you earn a reputation of 50.

6.            Stack also contain badges for special achievements for participating in the forum and guest posts. At the highest levels, user will have access to special moderation tools. Which will enable you work to alongside their community moderators that specializes in keeping the site focused and helpful.

7.            Users are privileged to find question to answer or ask their questions too.

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