WordPress.org is a free and open source blogging tool and a content-management system based on PHP and MySQL that runs on a web hosting service.Wordpress.org was conned on May 27/2003,its founders  are Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. As at September 2013, more than 6 million users were downloading version 3.6.



Why try wordpress.org?

WordPress.org has many features including plugin architecture that allows users to extend its abilities beyond the core installation.Wordpress users may customize wordpress by installation of themes and switching between them. Prior to its version 3, it supported one blog per installation; word press multi-user was created to allow more blogs to exist within an installation administered by a centralized maintainer. WordPress.org has a search engine-friendly, clean permalink structure which supports tagging of posts and articles.wordpress.org is supported across mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry. Individual installations of wordpress can be protected from malware by security plugins,users can protect their wordpress by keeping all installations,plugins and themes up to date this is by using trusted themes and plugins,renaming the default administrator account as well as editing the site’s htaccess file to prevent many types of attacks on SQL.


After the release of wordpress 3.0, the development took a release cycle off to focus on improving and expanding the wordpress community. WordPress 3.1 was released in February, 2011.Version 3.2 released on July, 4, 2011, hence the minimum requirement for PHP and MySQL were raised as well. The development of wordpress has currently progressed as we have the latest version being wordpress 3.7 beta which is available for downloads. The most stable release being 3.6.1 released on September, 11, 2013.


The main founders of wordpress.org are Matt and  Mike Little, the major contributing developers being Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Ozz,Ryan Boren, Peter Westwood and Andrew Nacin. WordPress.org is also developed by its community which includes WordPress testers, a group volunteering to test each release.Wordpress is lightly associated with Automatic, accompany founded by Matt Mullenweg. On the September 9th of 2010, Automatic handed the wordpress trademark to the new WP foundation, which is an umbrella organization supporting wordpress.org.


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