Harvard University offers unparallele student experience with many different courses to explosre

The Harvard University was established in 1636 and for years has educated leaders in many different field. Those leaders found themselves in key positions today and make a difference in people’s lives. The establishment is devoted to research, excellence in teaching and making life easy for the students.

Harvard faculty is willing to help push the human knowledge to levels beyond boundaries. This 21st century has different challenges that need to be dealt with. Those challenges also come with their own opportunities. Harvard faculties wants to work with students that are excited about investigating the biggest challenges of the 21 century and that is by offering a generous financial aid program and the facilities that are conducive for study. In terms of financial aid more than 60% of the undergraduate population has benefited from $160 million offered to support them in their studies.

There are 12 degree granting schools in this establishment. That aside, the University has the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study that offers a truly global education.

Harvard is the first institution of higher education that was ever created in the United States. Important personalities like Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have been brilliant students of that institution. It’s no wonder it now has over 360 000 Alumni around the world. The university has an enrollment of over 20 000 degree candidates. Both undergraduates and graduates studies are offered.

Student life
Harvard takes about 20 000 students every year. One subset is found in Boston and the other in Cambridge. On the campus you can find students from multiple background whether it is religious or ethnic groups. They come from different corners of the world. Currently 80 different nationalities and known to be present on campus and the university houses students from all the 50 states in U.S.
This implies that all those students come with different economic spectrum. The cost of education at Harvard can be quite expensive but Harvard has come up with different strategies and financial aids to make education accessible to all.

Cost of schooling at Harvard
The average scholarship grant this year is $40 000 and 60% of the student population is receiving that aid. The direct consequence is, for the families that are supporting their children on scholarship, they only have to spend about $11 500 each year. Harvard continues to increase its investment in financial aid and since 2007 there has been a 70% increment in the aid moving from $96.6 million to $166 million for the year.

For the academic year 2012 – 2013, Harvard wants to make it even a bit easier for families. That is why they developed a new strategy that allows families with income below $65 000 not to pay anything in relation to the cost involved with attending the university.

The University has a library with over 17 million books that cover about every subject a human being can think of. Ten faculties are available in addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study making it 11 academic units.
There are also dormitories available right in the Harvard yard and freshmen are usually housed there. For the continuing student there are 12 other houses on campus where they can stay during the rest of the years.

For the records Harvard University has 44 current and former faculty members Nobel Prize laureates. It is the school that most students want to attend. If you are looking for good quality education, this is it.

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