Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität is found at the heart of Munich. It one of the leading universities in the European continent with a tradition more than 500 years old. The success of LMU is build upon the Excellence Initiative which is a competition that takes place throughout Germany promoting top level research in universities.

The foundation of LMU’s success is based on the institution’s know-how and the creative intelligence offered through its academic courses that has resulted in outstanding research leading to the recognition of the institution at the national and international level. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität has made it a point to provide equal opportunities to both men and women enabling both genders to access knowledge and contribute to the development of research and the quality of teaching.

There are 18 faculties available in this research centered institution. The profile of the establishment is a typically classical one with courses offered relating to science, law, economics and humanities. There are many research centers available some of which specialize in specific subject while other may integrate interdisciplinary courses. In addition to that there is a library system that is among the finest in Germany and that enables the university to differentiate itself as a real research center with all the infrastructures needed.

Medical students have access to a Medical Center equiped with all the necessary tools to maximize the level of care meeting the highest standards required. It is the second largest medical center in Germany after the Charité in Berlin. The university research centers work in collaboration with other research centers far beyond its confines.

Library system
The library system at LMU is excellent. It consist of one main library and more than 130 decentralized libraries found in the different faculties. Its total stock counts about 6.5 million volumes. Students can view the library holdings through the net via the online catalogue.

Aside that there are other nearby partner libraries like the Bavarian State Library and the Technische Universität München Library forming a network that the students can access.

Student opportunities
Every year, a great number of international students are attracted to LMU Munich. Out of the 49,000 student population, 14% come from foreign countries. Most foreign students (about 6,500) come to the school to pursue a degree while a few others (about 500) visit for an exchange program that may last one or two semesters.

There is an international office created specifically for issues related to students willing to take part in exchange programs with all the other partner universities. International students receive a support from LMU that assists them during their visit with a variety of services that continue to be improved.

The 700 professors and 3,600 academic staff members are there to assist the students in different fields of research within the 18 faculties available. The institution is rated at the top end in national and international rankings. Every year it attracts research funding from different sources both on the regional and international level. The main sources of research funding are the European Union and the German Research Foundation.

The strategies implemented by the university over the years has enabled it to continuously improve its profile as a research intensive institution.

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