How to install Microsoft online service and directory synchronization tool through separate SQL server

If you really want to use the enjoyable SQL server so as to setup the directory sync tool, there are several steps you should bear in mind. Through these steps, you may decide to sync tools  and enjoy the benefits. Read closely and follow the steps:

Step one

The first step that you should take is to; download the X64 version of dirsync.exe.You can get this file from many domain names online. However, it is advisable that you consider downloading from Microsoft through this link.

However, to get the latest version, it is advisable for you to log in to your office 365 admin portal. When you get there, go to “user management section”. Next, activate directory synchronization and then click on setup.

Step two

The next step is to open the prompt command box with elevated privileges. Thereafter, Run dirsync.exe /fullsql. When you run these codes, your directory synchronization will kick off.

Step three

When you enter the above codes, and the process begins, you will see a dialog box stating Microsoft online service directory synchronization setup. Below is a welcome note describing everything about this service.

Once you see this message, click next.

Step four

After you have clicked next, you will be taken to another dialog box that shows the terms and conditions. These terms are for the Microsoft software license policy.

It is advisable to read the terms and conditions offered by the software to understand the terms and have information as well. When you are there, select the “I accept” using your mouse and then click on the next selecting box.

Step five

After you have clicked next on the terms and condition, the five steps involve selecting where you want the installation of this software to happen. Generally, you can select the place you want the folders of the installation process to go but it is advisable to let the file to go to program files in your “local C:” folders.

This way, you cannot interfere with the folders of the installation. After that, click next.

Step six

Here, the installation process will begin automatically. However, the software will ask you if you want to complete the installation process. Here, click next and the process continues.

Step seven

Be patient, wait  for  the installation process to complete. However, the whole process will not be completed unless you click on the finish button.  Therefore, to complete the whole installation process, you have to select finish. Otherwise your installation process would not have been completed.

Step eight

After the whole installation process has completed, the next step is to open the following files as an administrator. C:Program FilesMicrosoft Online Directory SyncDirSyncInstallShell.psc1

Step nine

From it, the next step is to type the following command to it. The command is: install online coexistence tool –Use SQL Server –SQL Server<SQLSERVERNAME> -Service Credential (Get-Credential) –verbose.

The process will ask for your details. Enter your office 365 admin account. After you have done that, close the window.

Step ten

Now under this step, you can log off and then log in again. Using this method, you would allow the new settings to take place. In other words, it is like restarting your computer after installing a new application.

Step eleven

After you have completed the log in process, launch the directory sync configuration from your desktop shortcut application. Afterwards, click on “next”.

Step twelve

This is where one is required to enter the credentials. Simply fill in your Microsoft online service admin log in details and click on next.

Step thirteen

It will also ask for your active directory enterprise administrator details. Enter your details correctly and then click on next.

Step fourteen

When the above step is completed,  select an “enable exchange hybrid deployment”. You can do it by using your mouse by checking it, and then click on next.

Step fifteen

It will take you to the configuration process. When you are there, click next and continue.

Step sixteen

It will complete the configuration process. However, for the process to complete the process fully click on finish.

Step seventeen

After that, you will receive a small dialog bod stating that your configuration process has been completed. Click OK.

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2 Responses

  1. Ronald Watford says:

    I must confess; this worked like a charm to me, awesome. After struggling for three days trying to install Microsoft online services, am glad I followed this link. Using the synchronization tool, and following the simple steps involved, you will be amazed at how simple the process occurs. You will have your Microsoft online service (MOS) and enjoy a number of exciting novel hosted solutions which will enable you work more efficiently.
    Of course, Microsoft Online Services (MOS) is an integrated, on-premise as well as a hosted service key, which has Microsoft Exchange Online. Hope you know how to use the SQL server, if not, no need for remorse, the steps are clear. Already working for me. Thanks your best!

  2. Chris says:

    Who installed this for you? I’m still battling to get it all done right, any follow up tips on troubleshooting would be great to share – as does not appear to cover all the issues there is..